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Gravitate-Health Hackathon Sparks Solutions and Collaboration

Organized as a hybrid event from January 17th to 19th, 2024, within Athens Digital Health Week, the 1st Gravitate-Health Hackathon concluded successfully with the participation of 150 individuals, both in Athens and remotely. It was a collaborative effort, and some noteworthy solutions emerged. The challenges of the 1st Gravitate-Health Hackathon were related to the identification […]

EuroVulcan 2: a full-day European Meeting of Vulcan HL7 FIHR Accelerator

Vulcan, the HL7 Accelerator for Clinical Research, held its second European meeting -EuroVulcan 2- as part of Athens Digital Health Week with contributions from nearly 30 presenters from industry, regulators, and government. The full-day European Meeting of the Vulcan Accelerator extended in four sessions, and here are some highlights. The Opening session (Q1) focused on […]

IHE-Europe part of the Athens Digital Health Week

IHE-Europe was thrilled to be part of the Athens Digital Health Week, surrounded by a diverse community of enthusiasts and experts from across Europe and having the opportunity to attend several events and workshops. During the opening of the plenary session, Andreas Klingler, IHE-Europe Vendor co-chair, participated in a panel on Standards and Stakeholders, highlighting […]

Shaping Future Healthcare Leaders through Digital Transformation at the ADHW 2024

The recent spotlight on the ManagiDiTH Joint Master’s program at Athens Digital Health Week by Professor Panagiotis Bamidis, the Director of iMedPhys at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), brings to the forefront this pioneering European Union-funded initiative. The ManagiDiTH project is dedicated to developing a Joint Master’s program on “Managing Digital Transformation in the Health […]