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Wednesday 14:00 - 15:30
Kallirhoe Hall

Gravitate-Health Hackathon – DAY 1 | HL7 FHIR Marathon

Introduction to Gravitate-Health & the Hackathon

    • The Gravitate-Health project: vision, objectives, and progress to date, Anne Moen, Professor in Health informatics and Nursing, University of Oslo | Project Coordinator, Gravitate-Health
    • The Focusing mechanism & Introduction to the Hackathon challenges, Catherine Chronaki, Secretary General, HL7 Europe | Scientific Coordinator of xShare & Joao Almeida, Chair, HL7 Portugal | Product owner, Gravitate-Health
    • For a Person-Centric Healthcare, Mark Duman, Director, MD Healthcare Consultants
    • Presentation of the resources, Alejandro Medrano, Researcher at Bioengineering, Telecommunication Engineering Faculty, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid | WP3 Co-lead, Gravitate-Health
    • Presentation of the process & Hackathon team, Lina Nikolopoulou, Dissemination & Communication Lead, Gravitate-Health | Managing Director, Mindview


HL7 FHIR Marathon / Virtual Connectathon

Track 1. HL7 FHIR for Labs implementation Guide (European Realm)
Track 2. Vulcan ePI/GH track: ePI/eLabeling with Global IDMP WG
Track 3. International Patient Summary (IPS) Alignment of European HL7 FHIR Implementation Guides
Track 4. FHIR in European Cancer Mission projects: Alignment of HL7 FHIR Implementation Guides