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Tuesday 14:00 - 15:30
Attica Hall

ManaGIDITH and IHE Best Practices and Experience

The goal of this workshop is to provide a comprehensive and insightful exploration of IHE best practices and experiences, catering to an audience consisting of industry professionals and users. Key objectives include:

  • Methodology
    • Gain a thorough understanding of the IHE methodology, fostering awareness of the structured approach used in developing IHE profiles.
  • Showcasing Best Practices and Experiences
    • Explore successful IHE implementation projects in different European countries.
    • Provide practical examples and best practices from Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, France and Italy offering diverse perspectives on successful IHE adoption.
    • Enable participants to apply best practices in their respective contexts, contributing to the advancement of interoperability and healthcare standards.

Ultimately, the workshop aims to create a collaborative environment where participants can gain valuable knowledge, learn from successful implementations, and engage in meaningful discussions to enhance their understanding of IHE best practices. The diverse range of presentations and discussions is designed to cater to the needs and interests of both industry representatives and users, fostering a community-driven approach to advancing healthcare interoperability.

Welcome, Andreas Klingler, Vendor Co-Chair, IHE Europe

Introduction on the IHE Methodology, Derek Ritz, Expert Consultant, IHE Europe

Successful implementation/projects

  • Switzerland – Stéphane Spahni, Deputy User Co-Chair, IHE-Europe
  • Austria – Gabriel Kleinoscheg, eHealth Standards Engineer, ELGA GmbH
  • Belgium – Pieter Devolder, European Affairs Committee Chair, IHE-Europe
  • Italy – Claudio Saccavini, Managing Director, IHE Catalyst

Closing, Andreas Klingler