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Thursday 16:00 - 19:00
Abbey Hall

XpanDH Community of Doers and Co-Creators Session

A workshop organised by the XpanDH project with the support of IDIKA S.A.

The scope of this workshop is to bring together implementers and end-users of new and existing solutions: IT developers and vendors/suppliers on one hand; patients and healthcare professionals on the other, under the concept of the 3C-3P community (Co-creation Community of Patients, Professionals and Programmers). This workshop will launch the process of co-creation of ideas and solutions that adopt the EEHRxF in their implementation.



Setting the basics of the EEHRxF
Moderator: Alexander Berler, Gnomon; Strategic Business Development Director, IHE Catalyst AISBL; Vice Chair, HL7 Hellas

  • Short Presentation of XpanDH and its vision, Henrique Martins, Associate Professor, ISCTE; Coordinator of XpandDH
  • What is the EEHRxF? Anderson Carmo, eHealth Project Manager, ISCTE
  • How can we promote collaboration in promoting and adopting the EEHRxF? Carola Schultz, Empirica
  • What is the community of doers? Alexander Berler, Gnomon
  • Q&A session


Defining the use cases

  • Implementing the myhealth@EU services in Greece, Alexandros Staridas, IDIKA S.A.
  • What are the priorities of the patient community? Nikos Dedes, Chair, Greek Patient Association
  • The specific needs of the Cancer and Oncology Patients, George Kapetanakis, President, Hellenic Cancer Federation (ELLOK)
  • The needs of a national EHR project, the Greek case, Elpida Fotiadou, Head of eHealth Horizontal Actions Directorate, IDIKA S.A.
  • Other use cases
  • Q&A Session – Discussion with all workshop participants


15-min Short Break


How to define a business use case for the EEHRxF

  • How to organize the work, Alexander Berler, Gnomon and Marta Matos, ISCTE (remote)


Interactive session on the community of doers use cases – co creation session

Alexander Berler, Gnomon | Argiris Gkogkidis, Gnomon | Anderson Carmo, ISCTE | Marta Matos, Research Fellow, ISCTE (remote)

  • Discussion with all workshop participants


Closing remarks and next steps
Anderson Carmo, ISCTE and Alexander Berler, Gnomon