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Tuesday 16:00 - 17:30
Attica Hall

XpanDH Workshop

Panel: “Thoughts on the readiness models: What are the reasons to align/benefit from the format and its prospects for xShare”

XpanDH project supports an expanding ecosystem of individuals and organizations that are developing, experimenting and adopting the European Electronic Health Record Exchange Format (EEHRxF) providing a crucial contribution to the European Health Data Space. It is a 2-year Coordination and Support Action financed by the Horizon Europe Framework Programme.
In the framework of the conference, the KETEKNY S.A.—the implementing body of the XpanDH project in Greece as the representative of the Greek Ministry of Health—as well as the other bodies from Greece participating in this project (IDIKA S.A.* and GNOMON Informatics S.A.), have the honour to organize this session. XpanDH has the vision to pave the way for the adoption of the European Electronic Health Record Exchange Format in Greece.
This session intends to present the project to the Greek public, to be carried out by the KETEKNY S.A. to perform some “proofs of concepts” relevant to the Greek context and to describe by IDIKA S.A. and GNOMON Informatics S.A. their participation in the project, and to explain how the Greek digital health ecosystem can participate in this initiative via the XpanDH community of Doers, the X-Nets and other means.
Our focus is on empowering individuals and organizations to create, adapt, and explore interoperable digital health solutions that truly make a difference. That is why we are mobilizing and building capacity to ensure the widespread adoption of the European Electronic Health Records Exchange Format (EEHRxF) across Europe. In collaboration with 26 leading digital health partners, we’re committed to driving meaningful changes to the health data domain for the benefit of all.
The workshop’s main goal is to raise awareness regarding the EEHRxF and its further adoption, by the establishment of a national network to support the EEHRxF co-creation process in collaboration with the European Commission.

Workshop Agenda

  • Welcome, Henrique Martins, Associate Professor, ISCTE; Coordinator of XpandDH; Konstantinos Chalkias, Executive Member of the Management Board, Greek DRG Institute (KETEKNY S.A.); Elpida Fotiadou, Head of eHealth Horizontal Actions Directorate, IDIKA S.A.
  • Introduction to XpanDH and its tools, Henrique Martins and Anderson Carmo, XpanDH project manager, ISCTE
  • The role of KETEKNY in the project, Konstantinos Chalkias, KETEKNY S.A.
  • The use of EEHRxF in the context of national and cross-border projects, Dimitris Markopoulos, IDIKA S.A.


  • Future of EHRxF in Greece – How to get involved and Next steps
    Discussion, Coordination:
    Haralampos Karanikas, Assistant Professor of Medical Informatics and e-Health Systems, University of Thessaly; Secretary General EEMEPY and Alexander Berler, Strategic Business Development Director, IHE Catalyst AISBL; Vice Chair, HL7 Hellas


* IDIKA SA: e-Government Center for Social Security and eHealth Services