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Wednesday 17:30 - 19:00
Attica Hall

xShare Launch Event in collaboration with Xt-EHR, XpanDH: A yellow button to get your data in the European EHR Exchange Format

This session will be live streamed. Watch here

xShare Kicks Off to Help us Share our Health Data in EEHRxF by Clicking the ‘Yellow Button’

The xShare project is proud to announce the official launch of its consortium, consisting of 41 partners. The session marks a crucial step forward in the European digital health landscape, with the introduction of the innovative xShare ‘yellow button’ and industry label to the European market.

The ‘yellow button’ is more than just a symbol – it will be a gateway to sharing our health data in the European Electronic Health Records Exchange Format (EHRxF), aligning with the upcoming European Health Data Space (EHDS) regulation. By clicking this button, prominently featured across health portals and digital health apps, each European will be able to exercise the data portability rights under GDPR.

xShare envisions a future where, with the ease of sharing images on our mobile devices, we can seamlessly share our health data across primary care, population health, and clinical research. The xShare Industry Label, associated with the ‘yellow button,’ will provide certainty that products are conformant to the European EHRxF.

Already eight early adoption settings across Europe have been confirmed, including hospital networks in Tuscany, Italy, national apps in Greece, Ireland, and Cyprus, as well as regional networks emphasizing medical tourism and public-private sector connections in Catalunya and Madeira. Clinical research applications in the myHealthSpace ecosystem of France are also part of the early adopters.

The xShare consortium, co-led by MedCom (DK) and HL7 Europe (BE), comprises a diverse collaboration, including standards developing organizations, industry associations, ministries of health, government agencies, SMEs, public health institutes, academic institutions, and a high-performance computing center.



  • Karolina Mackiewicz, Innovation Director, ECHAlliance


Vision of xShare

  • Mie Hjorth Matthiesen, Specialist Consultant MedCom | Coordinator of xShare
  • Catherine Chronaki, Secretary General, HL7 | Scientific Coordinator of xShare


Significance of xShare

  • Dipak Kalra, President, I~HD
  • Jose Martinez-Usero, Director of Projects. DIGITALEUROPE
  • Robert Stegwee, Chair, CEN/TC 251


Cooperation with XpanDH and Xt-EHR

  • Konstantin Hyppönen, Policy Officer (SNE) DG Health and Food Safety (SANTE), European Commission
  • Henrique Martins, Associate Professor, ISCTE | Coordinator of XpandDH
  • Christos N. Schizas, President of the National eHealth Authority of Cyprus (NeHA) | Coordinator of Xt-EHR


xShare adoption sites and Supporting SMEs

  • Tuscany, Italy
  • Catalunya, Spain
  • Madeira, Portugal
  • IDIKA S.A., Greece
  • NeHA, Cyprus
  • Small to Medium Enterprises:
    Gnomon, Alexander Berler | TTSA, Norman Sabbath or Yoanni Matsakis | Datawizard